Tattoo Removal

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How does laser tattoo removal work? is it safe for anyone to use?

The Ink Eraser is a specialist in Laser Tattoo Removal located in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona with over 15 years’ experience in removing unwanted ink and can help permanently get rid of your tattoos. The Ink Eraser is known nationally with over 150 million views on social media for removing tattoos and for the “Change your program” a program started in 2014 dedicated to helping Indvidual’s with visible or offensive tattoos that may be holding them back from employment or a better future. The Ink Eraser has removed thousands of tattoos and has worked with all technologies when removing even the hardest tattoos. Laser Tattoo Removal technology has advanced and The INK ERASER picosecond tattoo removal laser can help start your new journey on removing your tattoos forever. Afterall, “some things aren’t forever”

With our advanced Picosecond Technology we can safely and effectively remove tattoos on any skin type. The laser cannot see the skin or surrounding tissue and will not target anything other than ink/pigment. During a laser tattoo removal procedure, the practitioner guides a laser over the area of the tattoo. Unlike a laser pointer that produces a continuous beam of light, tattoo removal lasers produce pulses of light energy. Each pulse of energy penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink. As the tattoo ink particles absorb the energy, they heat up and then shatter into tiny fragments. Then, over the weeks following treatment, the body’s immune system flushes the tattoo ink particles away from the location, lightening the appearance of the tattoo. Each laser treatment breaks down more and more of the tattoo ink until none remains.

Now The Laser science

When tattoo removal laser light is applied to the skin, it heats up and shatters the ink that it reaches first within the skin. In other words, the shallowest layers of ink are removed before the deepest layers. It takes multiple treatments to penetrate through all of the varying depths of ink in a tattoo. Some key factors that affect the success of tattoo removal are:

  • How Dense Is The Ink?

  • How Heavy The Tattoo Artist Hand Was?

  • How Healthy Is Your Immune System?

  • Whats Your Water Intake?

  • Colors Of The Ink?
  • Where Is The Tattoo Located?
  • How Old Is Tattoo?

How Many Sessions?

Laser tattoo removal looks different for everyone since each person and their tattoo is unique. Although it is not possible to predict the number of sessions required for complete removal, most patients generally need 6 – 8 sessions on darker tattoos and 3-6 on lighter tattoos. Although every person and tattoo is different.


“The Ink Eraser team did an amazing job, before we started they fully explained how it works and what I should expect with the entire process.”


“So happy with the result! I cannot wait to recommend all of my friends and family who I know are in the same situation.”


“I was so nervous going into the tattoo removal process but the staff made me feel so comfortable. I am already looking forward to going back!”